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Whipped Cream Vodka

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Whipped Cream Vodka! In the beginning, vodka was a simple alcoholic beverage that served its purpose and worked well as a main ingredient in many mixed drinks. Later, people learned how to infuse vodka with a variety of flavors and the simple drink became something more varied and complex. These days, the number of flavored vodkas is staggering. All major vodka manufactures offer at least a few varieties of flavored vodka and several have a truly amazing collection. Although some flavors are more common than others, the variety goes far beyond the common and best known flavors such as lemon flavored vodka. One of the very best and most interesting of the infused vodka flavors is whipped cream vodka.

The Era of Whipped Cream Vodka Begins

Pinnacle vodka based in France was the first company to offer the whipped cream vodka and they remain the most prolific producer of whipped cream vodka. However, other companies have recognized the appeal of whipped cream vodka and several brands are now available. Popular vodka producer Smirnoff recently released a whipped cream vodka as well as a similar product that features the flavor of marshmallows. If a major company like Smirnoff is entering the whipped cream flavored vodka market, then rest assured that it is a popular flavor and expect other vodka distillers to follow suit.

If the run of the mill whipped cream infused vodka is not enough to satisfy all of your sweet flavored vodka needs, perhaps the chocolate whipped cream vodka flavor will better suit your needs. This flavored vodka works particularly well for mixed vodka drinks such as white Russians, black Russian, mudslides and other somewhat sweet desert vodka drinks. As the flavor becomes more common the number of whipped cream vodka recipes will grow quickly. What’s not to like about any one of the three luxuries of whipped cream, chocolate or vodka? When offered together, the possibilities are endless.

whipped cream vodka martinis

While there are certainly plenty of whipped cream vodka recipes that utilize whipped cream vodka as their primary ingredient, there are plenty of other occasions where the addition of a bit of whipped cream vodka serves the purpose of adding to a more traditional mixed vodka drink. The whipped cream flavor does a good job of masking the alcohol taste of the vodka. This makes it a perfect addition when you want to add a bit more alcohol content to a drink without giving it an overpowering alcohol taste.

Despite the fact that there are various whipped cream vodkas available in stores these days, you might prefer to mix up your own batch of whipped cream vodka using one of dozens of whipped cream vodka recipes. All you need to mix up whipped cream vodka is whipped cream, vodka and sugar. While you can use any kind of vodka and it will work just fine, most people find that vanilla flavored vodka adds a special flavor to the whipped cream and complements it. Sugar is another consideration. Your best bet is to use powdered or confectioner’s sugar so it dissolved completely in the liquid. Just keep in mind that for the best results, the amount of whipped cream should be greater than the amount of vodka you add. This will keep the mixture from being too liquid and ensure it maintains the creamy texture that is one of whipped cream vodka’s most appealing characteristics.

whipped cream vodka crush

When it comes to mixed drinks to make with whipped cream vodka, possibilities abound. You can mix the vodka with any mixer that works well in creamy beverages. A couple possible choices are root beer and orange soda. Mixing whipped cream vodka with root beer produces what people are calling a root beer float. When you use orange soda, the drink is known as an orange creamsicle. Both of these take advantage of whipped cream vodka’s creamy texture as well as its sweet, vanilla flavor.

Vodka Infused Whipped Cream

If the sweet taste of whipped cream isn’t enough to completely mask vodka’s strong flavor for you, there’s yet another option. Instead of whipped cream flavored vodka, how about vodka flavored whipped cream. This is traditional whipped cream infused with vodka. It’s still alcohol, but the alcohol content is reduced to 30% (60 proof) or less. This all but eliminates the taste of the vodka while maintaining the alcohol in the drink. You can use vodka infused whipped cream as an ingredients or a garnish in any drink you make with vodka. Some people even enjoy smoothies made with bananas, strawberries and other sweet fruits made with the addition of vodka infused whipped cream. Consider adding a little squirt of vodka infused whipped cream to the top of your jello shots for added flavor and pizazz that will make your vodka jello shots the hit of any party.

If you aren’t yet incorporating whipped cream flavor vodka and vodka flavored whipped cream into you drink repertoire, you are missing out on some great possibilities. I encourage you to try these products and introduce them to your friends, which will make you a very popular mixologist at any get together.

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