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Vodka Jello Shots

How to Make Jello Shots with Vodka?

So you are thinking about making Vodka Jello Shots? Well there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to prepare vodka for consumption, but few if any are as much fun and as big a hit at parties as Vodka Jello Shots. It is a simple scientific fact that everyone loves vodka and everyone loves Jello. OK, that statement may not be 100% true, but what is true is that most people love one or the other and when combined, the approval rate jumps to near perfection, so Vodka Jello Shots are pretty much a sure thing.

Vodka jello shots galore!Fortunately Vodka Jello Shots are super easy to make. There are lots of recipes for Vodka Jello Shots, but most share a few common ingredients. They are Jello, water and, uh, vodka! Some people add a few little additions to spice things up such as lemon juice, sugar and about anything else that would go well with vodka. Of course there are a dozen or more flavors of Jello, all of which work well for Vodka Jello Shots. The proportions are another area where there are differing opinions. Some people use more vodka and others more water. You’ll need to experiment a little bit to find the mixture that works best for you.

There is a general recipe that will work well as a starter. Once you succeed with this recipe, you can move on and create your very own mixtures. Place a bottle of your favorite vodka in the freezer to let it chill nicely. If the bottle is already cold from being in the refrigerator, this step is unnecessary. Add a 4 serving (3 ounce) package of your favorite flavor of Jello to a mixing bowl. Pour in eight ounces of boiling water, mix it into the Jello making sure the granules are all dissolved. Finish with 8 ounces of cold, delicious vodka and mix thoroughly. Finally, pour the liquid into individual 2 ounce paper or plastic serving cups and refrigerate. In a couple of hours, you’ll be ready to treat your guests to an easy to down shot of vodka.

One thing to keep in mind, whether good or bad, is that adding the vodka to the Jello will dilute the alcohol content of the vodka. As a general rule of thumb, Vodka Jello Shots made using 80 proof vodka using the above recipe will result in an alcohol of about 18% or 36 proof. If you use 100 proof vodka, your Vodka Jello Shots will be somewhere around 22% or 44 proof. You can of course play around with the ratios a bit. If you like sweeter tasting jello shots with less alcohol in them, you can add 5 oz of vodka and 3 oz of cold (instead of 8 oz of vodka) to the dissolved jello. Or if you like stronger shots, you could try dissolving the jello in 4 oz of boiling water (a little harder to do than in 8 oz of water) and then add 12 oz of cold vodka to the mix, giving you 26% / 52 proof shoots using 80 proof vodka or 33% / 66 proof shots using 100 proof vodka. Note that as you go up in alcohol content, the Vodka Jello Shots may not set as well and some flavors will be affected more than others.

Basic Vodka Jello Shots Summary:

Here is a vodka jello shots recipe we use all the time with very happy results….

3 oz. JellO (one 4-serving package)
8 oz. boiling water
8 oz. cold vodka (refrigerated)
Mix hot water and Jello until Jello is thoroughly dissolved.
Add cold vodka.
Pour into 2 oz. cups.
Refrigerate until jello has set.

using 80 proof vodka = 18% alc / 36 proof
using 100 proof vodka = 22% alc / 44 proof

If you want to get more scientific about making your vodka jello shots, or push the limits on just how much alcohol you can add to them, there is a very cool article on the “My Science Project” site here: vodka jello shots science project.

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