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To make the list of Simple Vodka Drinks, these drinks had to be not only dead simple but also absolutely delicious. Among our criteria for simple vodka drinks was that they must contain at most two ingredients (and guess what… one of those two ingredients is always vodka!). Also, we decided the word “simple” meant that there should be absolutely no “hard work” involved, such as shaking, muddling, blending, layering – blah, blah, blah. All we want to do is spend a few seconds pouring stuff into a glass and walk away with a delicious refreshing cocktail. Ah, yes, instant gratification at its finest!

If you read through all the simple vodka drinks recipes and commentaries below, you will see us mention this point over and over again, but we think it is important: most of the simple vodka drinks listed here will taste much better and can be served considerably stronger if they are poured over plenty of ice – so keep that in mind when buying your mixer and pick up a bag of ice if you don’t have a good supply wherever you are going to be enjoying your beverages. Can you mix them without ice? Most certainly – and especially if you keep your vodka in the freezer and your mixers in the fridge.

Simple Vodka Drinks #1: Vodka Shot / Frozen Vodka Shot

1.5 Oz. Vodka
Pour into shot glass and enjoy

Okay, you asked for simple vodka drinks, well, this is as simple as it gets. Just pour vodka into a shot glass and take it back. And we don’t mean to take away from the glory and the simplicity of a “regular” vodka shot, but we really need say that the shots will be a LOT better if served “frozen”. Of all the simple vodka drinks – in fact of all the alcoholic beverages on the planet – the frozen vodka shot is our number one all time favorite.

simple vodka drinks: the frozen shotFor Frozen Vodka Shots, the vodka needs to be placed into the freezer long enough to become “frozen”. Of course it doesn’t really freeze but it does become somewhat syrupy and pour more slowly – and you will absolutely notice the difference in the way it tastes and pours when it reaches the proper temperature. For best results, it should be poured into a frozen shot glass – so just put your shot glasses into the freezer when you put the vodka in there. We like to wash/rinse the shot glasses just before putting them into the freezer and, rather than drying them, just shake the excess water off them and put them in rim down on the freezer rack. That way they end up with a light glazing of ice on them that is awesome (this might not be best if your freezer has a flat shelf rather than a rack as the glass will likely freeze solid to the flat surface).

Simply pour the frozen vodka into the frozen glass. Some people like to warm the shot by holding the glass in their hand for a moment to take some of the “bite” off of it from being so danged cold – but personally, we prefer it cold as hell. When you are ready, take the shot and enjoy what we believe is, bar none, the very best of the simple vodka drinks! Be sure to wash and rinse the glasses immediately and put them back in the freezer so they will be ready for the next round.

Simple Vodka Drinks #2: Vodka on the Rocks

2.0 Oz. Vodka
Pour over ice and stir

When it comes to simple vodka drinks, this is the second easiest one of them all after shots. This drink can be shaken, stirred, or just poured. Although we prefer frozen shot above all else, sometimes when the freezer is empty (like after a big party), and we get home with a warm bottle of vodka this drink is acceptable for a drink or two while the bottle is chilling in the freezer. And though we are not at all afraid of taking warm vodka shots – the flavor is just so much better when it’s frosty cold!

We have a couple of friends who can’t stand straight vodka shots, but who nevertheless enjoy drinking it on the rocks. As we mention for all the other simple vodka drinks, most mixed drinks taste better and can be served quite a bit stronger when poured over ice, so the same principle must surely apply here. Since vodka is a natural anti-freeze, it lowers the melting point of the ice and it melts faster than would in water and this dilutes the vodka. It also causes the temperature of the drink to go below 32 degrees, and the extra coldness can be quite refreshing.

Of course some self proclaimed “vodka purists” scoff at drinking vodka on the rocks because it becomes “watered down” as the ice melts. However, vodka comes out of the still at a concentration considerably higher than 80 or even 100 proof. So how do you think they magically get it back down to a concentration that won’t burn a hole in your stomach lining? They add water! So, the moral of the story is that ALL vodka, except for Everclear 190, is “watered down”. So if you happen to enjoy the flavor of vodka at some concentration other than the standard 80 proof available at the liquor store, then dangit, more power to you!

Simple Vodka Drinks #3: SCREWDRIVER (AKA Vodka AND ORANGE)

1.5 Oz. Vodka
4.5 Oz. Orange Juice
Pour over ice and stir

Few drinks – and probably no vodka drinks – are better known than the vodka screwdriver. When it comes to easy vodka drinks, this is certainly an all time favorite – and we can’t think of a better way to get your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C! It’ll take a little trial and error to get your own favorite ratio for this drink down and we tend to mix these a little on the light side because both of us think that OJ with too much vodka in it just tastes like OJ that has sat out a few days too long – everyone’s tastes vary of course and you may prefer a stronger screwdriver. A good place to start is about 1 part vodka to 3 parts OJ. And of course, as is true for all the other simple vodka drinks, if you pour over plenty of ice, you will likely find that you can mix quite a bit stronger.

Simple Vodka Drinks #4: Greyhound (AKA Vodka and Grapefruit)

2.0 Oz. Vodka
4.0 Oz Grapefruit Juice
Pour over ice and stir

One of the simplest and most delicious vodka drinks on the planet, the greyhound goes down very smoothly – considerably smoother than a vodka screwdriver in our opinion – so even if you are not a huge fan of grapefruit juice, this drink is probably worth trying. For those of us who love grapefruit juice anyway, this drink is a match made in heaven. All citrus fruits blend well with vodka, however, the distinctive flavor of the grapefruit seems to almost perfectly mask the flavor of alcohol. Most people find that the greyhound can be mixed quite a bit stronger than a screwdriver without taking on the distinctive alcohol bite. 1 part vodka to 2 parts grapefruit juice is a good ratio to start with. You will find your own personal sweet spot very quickly – and as is the case for all the other simple vodka drinks, if you pour over plenty of ice, you can mix a stronger drink to start with.

Simple Vodka Drinks #5: Vodka Lemonade

2.0 Oz. Vodka
4.0 Oz Grapefruit Juice
Pour Over ice and stir

All the citrus fruits mix quite well with vodka, and lemon is no exception. Lemon has a considerably tangier flavor than orange and this tends to hide the bite of the alcohol a little better. It can therefore be mixed and served a bit stronger than your typical screwdriver especially if you mix you lemonade just a tad on the sour side. 1 part vodka to two parts lemonade is a good starting point. Like the other simple vodka drinks, if you pour over plenty of ice, you will find that you can mix it quite a bit stronger than if you don’t use ice at all.

Simple Vodka Drinks #6: Vodka Tonic

2.0 Oz. Vodka
4.0 Oz. Tonic Water
Pour over ice and stir

Tonic water has a rather interesting history dating back centuries to the colonial days. Real tonic water contains quinine, a bitter compound obtained from the bark a tree that originated in Peru. Back in the day, drinking a tonic of quinine was the best way to prevent malaria in tropical areas and therefore played a huge role in enabling European colonization. It was then that the British colonials began adding gin to the bitter medicine to help take the edge off the less than perfectly enjoyable flavor and thus the gin and tonic was born. These days, tonic water contains only a tiny fraction of the quinine that was present in the medicinal form – if it contains any quinine at all (many products only contain quinine flavoring and no real quinine – but some still do contain the real thing). Another interesting thing about quinine is that it is fluorescent and will glow under a black light. This can be used to stunning effect at parties when making drinks or Jello shots with quinine containing tonic water (providing you have a black light around of course).

So, to make a long story short, it is the bitterness of the tonic water that makes it a great drink mixer. The bitter flavor tends to hide the flavor of the alcohol. Adding a garnish of lemon or lime is a nice touch for this drink since a little squeeze of lemon or lime will add a lot of flavor to the mix. A good ratio to start experimenting with for this drink is about 1 part vodka to 2 parts tonic water. And of course, as we’ve mentioned on all the other simple vodka drinks, if you pour over plenty of ice, you can mix it stronger.

Simple Vodka Drinks #7: Cape Cod (AKA Vodka and Cranberry)

2.0 Oz. Vodka
4.0 Oz. Cranberry Juice
Pour over ice and stir

If by now you are starting to get the idea that any liquid that has a tart and lively flavor might be worth trying with vodka in it, you have stumbled upon one of the basic laws of the universe like gravity. Of course we are not saying that they will all taste great, but dangit they are definitely all worth trying. Anyway, few things have a more tart and lively flavor than cranberry juice and, as it turns out, few things make a better mixer for vodka. The Cape Cod, or Vodka and Cran is one of the classic vodka drink. Several other classic vodka drinks are just simple variations on vodka and cran such as the Sea Breeze which adds grapefruit juice or the Cosmopolitan which adds an orange liqueur like triple sec. We prefer to use 100% unsweetened cranberry juice for making our vodka and crans because the bitterness allows for mixing a much stronger drink. And of course, as with the rest of the simple vodka drinks, if you pour over plenty of ice, you can mix it even stronger. Try a ratio of 1 part vodka to 2 parts cranberry juice for starters and adjust from there.

Simple Vodka Drinks #8: Vodka and Red Bull

The medical community advises against mixing alcohol and energy drinks and of course we suggest you ALWAYS do what they say. Don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t let strangers put things in your butt. This is all sound medical advice and worth listening to, just as we obviously always do! Therefore, as a disclaimer, the following recipe and discussion are provided for your informational and research purposes only. But no matter what anybody says, we are pretty sure these kind of drinks are perfectly safe as long as you are very careful to not get any in your mouth.


2.0 Oz. Vodka
4.0 Oz. Red Bull Energy Drink
Pour over ice and stir

We have never been fans of the flavor of Red Bull on its own. However we have found that it is surprisingly delicious when mixed with vodka and poured over ice. The same is true of a number of other energy drinks that typically seem to taste more or less like raw ass all on their own but work rather well as a drink mixer or chaser. One would almost be led to believe the darned things were purposefully designed to be great drink mixers. Whatever the case, many of them do make great tasting and very simple vodka drinks. And unless you are a caffeine junky with a high tolerance, the effects of these simple vodka drinks can be rather exhilarating. For VRB we have found a ratio of about 1 part vodka to 2 parts Red Bull to be an acceptable place to start, and it is best if poured over plenty of ice.

As for the possible ill effects of mixing alcohol and caffeinated beverages, we can vouch for the fact that it is certainly harder to tell how drunk you are getting when pounding such drinks down. This greatly increases the chances of reaching the state of obnoxious inebriation, blackout, or even alcohol poisoning without even realizing you are going beyond your normal limits. The day after overindulging with such drinks can be rather brutal as well. The downside of the cheap irritating high derived from drinking too many energy drinks is, all on its own, about as enjoyable as a day in Catholic Sunday school. Add that to the normal green and fuzziness of a regular hangover and you will be never-again-ing it for at least a day or two before you start to feel semi-normal again. Do we still drink them? Of course we do, but only early on and only one or two before switching to non-caffeinated cocktails. Unless you are an absolute wizard at pacing yourself, with Rain-Man-like drink counting skills, or perhaps have a replacement liver already packed in ice and waiting for you at the transplant center, we would suggest that you think twice before making a whole night of drinking these simple vodka drinks.

Simple Vodka Drinks #9: Vodka & 7

2.0 Oz. Vodka
4.0 Oz Lemon Lime Soda (7Up, Sprite, etc.)
Pour over ice and stir

Considering supreme mixability of vodka with citrus juices of all types, this drink is more of less a no brainer – at least on the face of it. In our opinion, Sprite, as well as a lot of the generic lemon lime sodas start out a bit too sweet and don’t have intense enough carbonation to really bury the flavor of the alcohol like some other mixers do. 7 Up on the other hand has a bit more of a carbonated bite and can be mixed a bit stronger before the vodka starts to really rule the flavor of the mixture. In any case, adding a little squeeze of lemon or lime can boost these soda based simple vodka drinks to another level of deliciousness.

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