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Lowest Calorie Alcohol: Keep ‘em Coming and Still Stay Slim

What is the lowest calorie alcohol? Well, Vodka of course! Actually, at any given concentration (or “proof”), all of the clear distilled spirits (i.e. vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin and rum) have a very similar (and substantial) calorie count due to the alcohol that is in them. However, unlike the others, vodka is distilled over and over again until all the other impurities are gone, so logic would dictate that, technically anyway, vodka will be the lowest calorie alcohol you can buy. And of course, since this site is all about vodka, a technical victory is good enough for us. Cheering section – What’s the lowest calorie alcohol? Vodka! Yeah!

Diet Smart: Cover All Your Bases

Why should you care which is the lowest calorie alcohol? Well, are you watching you weight? Done everything you needed to do? Gotten rid of the bags of chips, cookies and chocolates? Everyone knows about these chief weight offenders and it’s true; avoiding junk food as much as possible is the first step to a healthier you. But sometimes you may find that you aren’t reaching your goals as fast as you’d wish. Sometimes it’s not just the sweets and the juicy burger that could get you in trouble; your favorite drinks contrary to popular belief may be giving you more calories than your body needs. Whether calories are taken in through food or drink, the effect is the same on your waistline. This is because excess calories in any form if taken in excess will be stored in your body as fat (and probably even more so for liquid calories since they enter the blood stream more quickly and any unburned excess must be dealt with… usually by storing as fat).  Well, if you have followed all the diet rules and still are not getting there as fast as you’d like, think a little further. Do you love a glass of beer on a hot afternoon, or maybe some wine to wind down in the evening? Those simple pleasures could very well be the culprit.

You’d be surprised to learn that even the lowest calorie alcohol (Vodka!) has lots and lots of calories all by itself; don’t let that smooth flavor deceive you. Do the math; pure alcohol, has seven calories for every gram, that’s right, every single gram. When you count the other ingredients that make up most other alcoholic beverages, the flavors that make the different spirits, or even the brewing components of beer and wine, there can be a heck of a lot of calories packed in there. The result is that even what you think is just a little drink might have the potential to add serious cellulite to your behind – and it is easy on a Friday night out to reverse all the hard work you have done during the week. An effective weight loss strategy is to consider sticking to the lowest calorie alcohol recipes, which you can easily prepare for the next party or function.

It’s Not the End! Choose the Lowest Calorie Alcohol to Mix Drinks

Lowest calorie alcohol: here is a real low calorie cocktail!

A very low calorie cocktail!

With all the above information, it may seem like a weight loss plan of any sort is mainly designed to create a miserable existence for you. Well, that’s not really true. You should simply consider making room for more smart diet choices, and you can also do this when it comes to alcohol by incorporating the use of the lowest calorie alcohol recipes out there. You may be wondering, what exactly can I have when I’m on a night out, or having a party at home?

Out of all the alcoholic beverages out there, Vodka is one of the best choices for creating the lowest calorie alcohol cocktails. This is because it is made only of pure alcohol and water, unlike beer, wine, liqueurs, etc., which contain alcohol PLUS a lot of other ingredients (sugars, hops, barley, etc.) which, as noted above, add lots of calories on top of the already substantial calories in the alcohol itself. Aside from the alcohol in it, it has no other flavor to interfere with the other flavors you are mixing, so it is the perfect chameleon and will blend well with practically any mixer you would use. The only trick is in finding low calorie or no calorie mixers that will still taste good with alcohol added to them. You can take this opportunity presented by your weight loss regimen to become creative, try out different recipes and have fun while you’re at it. All you need ins your creativity, imagination and of course, make sure you get the quantities right for the perfect cocktail. Check out the options below.

Keep ‘em Coming !

Spearmint Vodka Cooler

Well first off, if you are the type of person who likes to have a cool drink in your hand, then the Spearmint Vodka Cooler is one of the lowest calorie alcohol recipes for you. It has no umbrellas in it, fills up a whole glass and has a refreshing flavor that will keep you cool whether you are having a party or are on a night out and need to cool off. Simply get hold of half a cup of vodka, a quarter cup of both lime juice and agave nectar, and two and a half cups of water and six spoonfuls of spearmint tea. Pour this over the tea and give it four to seven minutes to soak up the minty flavor, then strain it and pour it over an ice filled pitcher. Add the rest of the ingredients and garnish your glass with a lemon wedge or sprigs of mint. This makes six glasses.

Minty Peach Martini

If you prefer something fruity for your lowest calorie alcohol recipes, try the Minty Peach Martini. Just combine one and a half ounces vodka with the same amount of lemon juice, a teaspoon of agave nectar and at least 8 mint leaves; you can up this depending on your preference. Shake everything together in an iced mixing glass and strained into a chilled cocktail glass.

Blended Raspberry Cocktail

Using fruits in your drink is a simple yet effective way to make sure that you take in fewer calories. Try the Blended Raspberry Cocktail which uses half a cup of ice, 8 ounces of minute maid light raspberry passion topped up with one and half ounces of vodka and blend, then add raspberries for that final garnish.

Strawberry Citrus Vodka Cocktail

Strawberries are readily available in the market or your favorite grocery store Next time you go shopping, grab a little more than usual to make the Strawberry Citrus Vodka Cocktail, another of the lowest calorie alcohol recipes. To make one glass you need 2 strawberries, three quarter ounces of agave nectar and lemon juice, a sprig of mint and one and three quarter ounces of citrus vodka. Mix and mash the mint and strawberries in a shaker then add the rest of the ingredients including ice and shake then pour everything into a glass and enjoy.

Chocolite Cocktail

Ladies, chocolate is allowed once in a while, especially when the cravings become too hard to resist. The usual chocolate cocktails packed full of calories, and are disastrous for your diet plan. If you can’t resist these however try the Chocolite Cocktail;  it is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic recipes out there, due to the smart use of ingredients. Like the name suggests, it is light in calories, and only needs an ounce each of Godiva chocolate liqueur and vodka, half a cup of non fat milk. Shake up these ingredients and pour into a glass whose rim you should line with Hershey’s Syrup Lite and tame that chocolate craving !

As you can see above incorporating the lowest calorie alcohol into your recipes can be fun. Get even more tips on how to make tasty creative cocktails from the Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks article and begin to create your own recipes. Don’t forget to share any lowest calorie alcohol cocktail recipes with your friends. Oh, and another very informative alcohol/calorie related worth checking out is

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