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Hello and welcome to Bob and Arlyta’s eVodkaDrinks, your e-ssential Vodka Drinks authority. As highly trained researchers with PhD’s in Vodkology, it is our mission to scour the world in search of the best and most delicious vodka concoctions. We risk life, limb and liver all so we can bring you the very best vodka drink recipes the world has ever known. We have spent years in the jungles of suburbia, partying with the natives, assimilating their customs and investigating first hand the magical and medicinal properties of Vodka as well as the amazing variety of mixed vodka drinks that are possible with this incredibly versatile and delicious alcoholic beverage. Why, you might ask, are we willing to perform such difficult and dangerous work just to bring you this valuable Vodka Drinks information? Because we love you man – and that’s not just drunk talk!

At eVodka Drinks you will not be bombarded with every vodka drink recipe in existence. On the contrary, you will receive a thorough overview of the most essential and time-tested vodka drinks ever created (i.e. the ones people come back to time and time again) as well as an eclectic selection of the newest and best vodka drinks that seem destined to become classics in their own right. Of course if you are looking for an extensive catalog of drinks where you can find fourteen variations of the “screaming pink orgasm” there are already some fine sites in existence for that purpose, such as Drinks Mixer, and we certainly encourage you to spend some time checking them out (we certainly do!) – they are a great resource and can be very informative, even if a bit overwhelming at times.

Vodka Mixed Drinks

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One of the best things about vodka – the thing that makes it a favorite component in countless mixed drink recipes – is that it is basically a blank slate upon which a virtual symphony of flavors can be written. That is not to say by any means that Vodka has no flavor of its own. However, compared to practically all other forms of liquor, which are imbued with flavors related to the fermentation process that formed them, vodka is refined and purified to the point that it is composed of nothing more than pure ethyl alcohol and water. When manufactured by skilled and caring hands, vodka is mellow with a very mild flavor and aroma. Therefore the flavor of vodka mixed drinks are not shackled to the peculiar flavor of the liquor being used. What this means is that the list of possible mixed vodka drinks is much longer than for any other form of liquor. Furthermore, this is why vodka has turned out to be perfect for converting into flavored liquor and flavored vodka (aka infused vodka) is all the rage these days. For all the reasons mentioned above, practically any flavor is possible and many manufacturers are churning out dozens of them. Some of these flavored vodkas are destined to become mere novelties while others will certainly become staples in liquor cabinets everywhere for a long long time.
Vodka’s mild and pleasant flavor is also why our very favorite vodka drinks recipe has exactly two ingredients – and one of those ingredients is a frosty shot glass. We absolutely love frozen vodka straight shots! Of course your standard 80 proof vodka does not actually “freeze” in any standard household freezer – it merely becomes a little more like syrup and pours a little more slowly than room temperature vodka (which, by the way, makes it much easier to work with when pouring layered vodka drinks, such as one of our favorites – the vodka mudslide). Our freezer has one full shelf dedicated to a small collection of frosty shot glasses, the requisite Crystal Head, and a bottle of whatever looks delicious this week – ahhh, home sweet home indeed! Vodka drinks heaven!

One of the first things to learn about making vodka drinks is that you don’t have to get all fancy in order to make great tasting mixed drinks, and we are dedicating an entire section to simple vodka drinks. There you will find the best easy vodka drinks – many of which you will be able to put together on the spur of the moment with things you may already have around the house… just add vodka and party on!

Frozen drinks are always a hit at any party and frozen vodka drinks are among the best of them all. You can whip these up in your blender and add some spice to your next get together – and for us health nuts, we’ll throw in a couple of great vodka smoothie recipes just for good measure.

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